Bday Dinner At Shanghai Annaachi

We planned a family meet on my birthday and chose to dine out..after thinking for a while we realised that we wanted both Chinese and south Indian food so we decided to visit Shanghai Annaachi,Nungambakkam(Chennai)
From the look outside trust me,I thought it was a bad decision but the ambience it was good, no croud
Very peaceful.

We were served with complimentary sweet made of banana and wheat. It was warm and moist and delectable


The cutlery was a fusion in itself with the heavy China plates there were cooper heavy tumblers.


We started the order with soups sweet corn soup and chicken soup.
Soup was good,served hot and good quantity


Corn soup


For starters we just ordered Chicken lollipop and it was a hit.


Main course we wanted the south Indian fusion. We ordered American Choupsey which I was going to eat after a very long time. Nicely layered with prawns and and egg at the top.


Some prawn masala,The South Indian style ..


Ans some simple veg noodles..which was so simple yet yummy


We loved the dinner experience.
Nice food
Service Quick
Budget friendly
Will I visit again?? yup..whenever I am in need of the fusion food.

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