The Day At Marina beach

Marina beach is my favourite among all the beaches in Chennai. We love the hustle bustle, the market and the beach usually we happen to visit there mostly on Sundays. Sundays you can expect a lot of croud there but then what’s the point going to a empty beach.

Must try things in Marina Beach
You can enjoy ice-creams, manga or the raw mango which is truely amazing, the boiled peanut, corn baked on the fire (thats also an amazing show)..yess not to forget the bhajjis specially the chilly ones.

Lot of activity for kids are there like those gun shooting, those small rides and those cars which goes round and round

If you don’t wanna go near the water can sit near the off side ..near the Gandhi statue also there is a nice sidewalk, for walking and running.






Marina beach should be in your list when you visit Chennai. And some flowers for your get that South Indian touch.

Yeah lots of things and toys to buy for children like ballons, the beach set,flutes you will get the feel of a mela…
Yeah Sunday parking might be little difficult but don’t worry you will get place it’s a looong road.


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