What’s in my Pico Hamper

Pico is a brand for hot sauces, if you follow them at Facebook or Twitter you will be acquainted with their  interesting Gifs and promotions.

They have been marketing a lot about their hot sauces and trust me when they say spicy they really mean it..don’t take it lightly

So I received a hamper of five bottles. I will introduce you to them one by one.

Let’s start with the spiciest one ..so here is


Yeahh it’s extra spicy trust me…Also know as Bhut Jholakia


I don’t know your spice tolerance but I have none …my hubby just asked me to taste it casually underestimating the spicy power and put half a teaspoon in my mouth ..I am not talking to my husband since that..my lips burnt from the heat for almost 20 min. So take the spicy challenge if you have guts.

OK..next is


Lime and Chilli Hot sauce…yea chilliness and the. Acidic lime is well balanced in this sauce and it’s a goood combination..for pakodas and samosas for sure




Yeah so sweet chilli is more of a .. chilli and sugar..though I felt like jaggery..but yeah if you prefer the sweetness and chilliness together you will like this..it’s good for those Gujarati dishes like dhoklas etc


Come next..


Mango chilli..is what you would love in the summer ..because you don’t need to mango spicy chutney Anymore it’s available ready-made.
Definitely can’t replace what we make at home ..but the pulpy mango chilli sauce is quiet a champion.


Next..is my favorite ..


Yeah..it’s date and tamarind ..the sweet and spicy dose of chatpata flavour..
I love this taste ..it will go with dahi vadas ..and the panipuri and chat.
Lots of possibilities


Pico is sure a complete package of sauce we need for everyday basis.
Buy it if you love chutneys..
Also the price is affordable


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