Blinglane- the accessories website

Well do you love accessories? yes…ok then  you are missing a lot if you are not shopping from Bliglane ..

They have awesome collection from earrings to anklets, necklace and anklets. I wan to give special mention to the charms they have.

The website is very user friendly and you can register with your social media accounts and leave your address there to escape the hassle of adding your details again again, not only that you can flaunt or I should say bling your selfie with blinglane products and get rewarded and did I mention get featured too on their page.

its very easy to save your favorites accessories in your wishlist and you can share them too on your social media websites and you can have a wall of your own on the website, you can save your favorite accessories and have followers too ..isn’t that intersting?

Another interesting thing that I find is the gift cards so if you have a friend or relative who likes accessories and you wanna gift them you could buy them a gift card and make them happy. isn’t that cool

They reply quickly to queries and quiet responsive to their customers apart from that I love the cute packing in which the accessories arrive

here is a pic of me sporting the blinglane necklace



follow blinglane on FB and Insta for lot of fun..

check out the website and have fun!!! can’t wait to shop click here right away

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