My Oriflame cosmetic hamper

Hey guys I received my Oriflame hamper today..Oriflame is a well known brand and we can’t deny that..

So without wasting much time I will go ahead and show you what was there

The first product was power shine lipstick – brillian fuchcia


I love the color has a fruity flavour ..I am not a big fan of fruity flavours though..the price as in the website is around Rs400/- but you can check in other websites too


Another product was


This cute little color impact for the dramatic eye’s a creamy eye shadow..this is my personal favorite..the one I got is golden brown in color


Third product is the One Kohl eye pencil the color I got is black code 32291
Very smooth in texture..I had stopped using eye pencils..but I loved this one
The price for this is around Rs 255/-


The last product that I received is The One Lash resistance mascara ..I like the thick bottle and the long stick of dried off quickly after applying…the price I guess is around Rs 499/-


I am in love with all of them…please check different websites before buying the products .if you want some discount
That’s all ..see you again


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