Jon Favreau’s: The Jungle Book 2016 ..a walk through the memory lane ..ah not so much!!

Well with the expectations and to relive the childhood memories I went for the The Jungle Book by Jon Favreau and loved it reliving my childhood ..not sure..
I had rather presumed it be like that cute story..with the happy Mowgli in the lively jungle but it was that dark jungle..with ferocious Sher Khan and other wild animals.
Neel Sethi as the character of Mowgli has portrayed himself well..with the Emotions, adventures and strong character.
Bagheera is another reason to watch the movie, for protecting the little Mowgli and staying by his side and always appearing at the right time to save Mowgli, the voice is my Ben Kingsley
The wolf pact is very cute and supportive of him and I like their jungle law
Baloo ..Ah!!. He has to be my favourite character..his love for honey..and the funniest of all in the jungle ..but you see his love for Mowgli when he decides to protect Mowgli at any cost, we loved the comic timing and style of Bill Murrey

The scary snake will take your breath away.. And we loved Scarlett’s voice ..woow

The Shere Khan the ferocious tiger God.. He is so scary and his unexpected jumps and attacks and the roar could leave your heart pounding , the voice is by Idris ALba

King Louise is the another very huge character in the movie, another villian in the movie who wants to rule the jungle with the help of red flower.

we loved Raksha and her protective nature..she faces Shere Khan with fearless attitude but still is scared deep down for her kids and mowgli.


some of my favorite yet very scary for my child

The Bison Stampede scene when Mowgli runs to save himself from Shere Khan and oooh hold tight to your seat when Mowgli is caught by Kaa and hypnotised.

Mowgli pretty much manages to escape well in all kind of situations, his escape from the monkey temple and bad intentions of King Louie is worth a watch.

we love how Mowgli is loved by the jungle and they are willing to give their life as well for the little kid, as much as Raksha didn’t want to separate from Mowgli but Bagheera has a strong point there he believes he needs to be among his own clan because he is safest there.

Ah, the much needed Baloo in the movie will deviate you from the dark side of the jungle and drift you to a lighter version of the movie when mowgli has some fun learning the Bare Necessities song and collects honey for Baloo.

Most of the scenes my little one  chose to close his eyes and ears and also slept for a while, so its not like how I was introduced to The Jungle Book , my memories were more of a pleasant treat to eyes and ears but now The Jungle Book was more like the harsh realities of the dark jungle, it is a definitely a dark place to be.

Favreau’s take on man and the tools created my man to destroy the natural things have been emphasized, and Mowgli is looked down as the man cub in the entire film, he comes from a clan who makes the red flower which pretty much destroys everything. But at point he also makes you believe hoe man is superior in some ways as to how he manages to come out with tricks to beat the huge and ferocious animals whether it was Mowgli’s trick to get the honey or beat the Shere Khan with his wit, so it was his wit that wins in the end.

Little Mowgli looses his calm only in the end when he finds out about Akila’s death and runs to the mans village leaving the viewers believe that he is leaving the jungle but he comes back with the red flower putting fire to half of the jungle in his anguish to take revenge from Shere Khan for Akila’s death and though the jungle unit starts to believe that he has turned into a man but Mowgli throws away the fire and marches to fight the Shere Khan but that is the time the pact comes forward to save Mowgli,the wolf pact, Baloo and Bagheera try their best to keep the Shere Khan busy while Mowgli plans the attack.

We love how Mowgli is loved by the Raksha when she asks him not to use man tricks or to hide behind her and there is another cute scene when Bagheera say “He never listens”, we also loved the conversation between Baloo and Bagheera when Mowgli goes to the pit to save the little elephant Bagheera to Baloo “this is what you have taught him??” and when Mowgli saves the elephant Bagheera says its his teachings.

Baloo’s love for Mowgli is very touching not only he rescues Mowgli from Kaa but also walks him to man’s village and then convinces him to stay in the jungle till winter, he climbs the steep mountain to save him from king Louie and then attacks Shere Khan for the little kid, I can just brag and brag about Baloo

Though Elephants are shown as huge and scary but Mowgli saves one the little elephant and that pays the jungle well in the end when the elephants breaks the trunks to change the flow of the river in different directions to save the forest from burning.

Though Raksha and Bagheera doesn’t want Mowgli to use his tricks which is not acceptable in the jungle but at the end Bagheera insists Mowgli to use the red fire agains the Shere khan because he believes that he his different from them.

Bagheera concludes the story by telling that this was the first time the Jungle had come together and that was possible because of Mowgli.The last scene where Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo sits on the tree is classic.

Having all this said, yeah you can understand that I loved the movie but it is the grown up me talking now and not the little child who used to sit in front of TV to watch the cute adventures of little mowgli, It was a different ride all together the dark adventures, the visual effects, the ferocious animals were too much for my child may be he will enjoy it later so I came home and showed him the chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai song so that he doesn’t get scared of the my childhood hero and his jungle friends …Adi loves to the chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai song..

A lovely weaved tale and the adventures are more for grown ups..I guess..but kids can enjoy the cute Mowgli cartoons we used to see in the childhood right??



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