Tamil New Year celebrations

So this Tamil New Year we were in Chennai and could be a part of the celebrations..
So I would rather say the New Year was all about food..the custom is here to cook all kinds of taste on the new year day..like sour,sweet and spice
My mother in-law made lot of things and everything looked so amazing..usually vadas,payasam,parrapu usili are made but my mom in law made lots of dishes

Sambar with white pumpkin

Sambar with white pumkin


This is how it is usually served in the traditional style..on the banana leaf


The crispy vadas ..


Here we have rice,sambar, potato fry, sweet pongal, parraupu usili, amla chutney and vadas


The sweet and sour mango chutney

After a stomach full lunch we all went for the Jungle Book movie..to celebrate the New Year with a dose of entertainment


The movie was a heartful dose of entertainment and adventure ..
An awesome way to begin the new year I guess..
Happy New Year to all!!?


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