An evening spent at the Chennai, City Center

If you are looking for some place to hangout with your kids in Chennai apart from the lovely beaches, my new favorite is the City Center which is very close to the Marina Beach.

The place on Sundays is stuffed with people let me warn you but if you don’t mind the hustle bustle you might just love the¬†place.

The moment you enter you will see kids standing in queue for the bike and car rides, Adi loves it too, but they do a small ride and by the time you take out your camera in hand to click the ride is over but its worth if your kiddo loves cars and bikes.




well other than that there are lot of choices for shopping and eating options too, in the ground floor generally its the ice-creams and coffee which remains crowded, and e prefer too escape the other floors in between and we directly jump to the food court area.. no not because we our hungry all the time but Adi loves to be in the play zone in that floor, I guess its a very smart move by the mall to build the play zone in that floor as the parents come to eat children find their way to the play zone.

Amazing cars and other rides are there with many video games and for all age groups and a play area for kids too though the play area is for the slightly bigger kids.




Adi just loves to sit on the different cars and rotate the steering but anyways today we got the card to and when you swipe the cards on these cars they begin to wobble

we played some knocking the ducks and shooting the baskets balls too.It was good fun overall.

Apart from that there is plenty of options to eat like north, south , fast food, Arabian and many more.

I would suggest this place for little children for a good Sunday evening and specially for the car love.



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