Bollywood biopics on fans get ready

2016 will be year of the movie biopics on Indian Cricketers of different generations it will almost cover 2 generations of Cricket with Azhar, Sachin and Dhoni. we have loved the promos so far and just can’t wait enough for the movies can we??

Azhar starring Emran Hashmi has good songs, a lot of facts will be revealed, his personal and professional has always been in news for some reasons. Lara is playing the lawyer in the movie.


Well..the most awaited one is Sachin, The billion dreams, Directed by: James Erskine
Music by: A.R.Rahman. The promo might give you goose bumps, when the stadium goes Sachin Sachin…Can we miss this? ofcourse not…


And lastly, Movie biopic on MS Dhoni the untold story is something we cannot afford to miss, his career started as Ticket collector and now the Indian Captain has come a long way..isn’t it..Sushant Singh Rajput is the lead character in the movie. lets see how Neeraj Pandey weaves the untold story



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