Little Shopper- shopping destination for mommies and mommies to be

Pregnancy is the most wonderful time in a women’s life, she looks beautiful with the glow and  everything works fine but then the actual stress is what to wear? Don’t we all want to wear the best dresses on those baby bump days and flaunt the cute bump, we started hopping from shop to shop and sometimes find so difficult to choose a dress but well your stress will turn into happiness when I tell you about what the Little Shopper has in store for all mummas and mumma to be out there.

The Maternity section has so much to choose from like sleepwear, work outfits,radiation free clothes and tops and bottoms. I am just loving the maternity collection, so much to choose from like gowns and short dresses  and also has a nice collection of maternity accessories like scarves and nursing covers too. I like the way it is categorized from brand, color, size and price the selection process becomes very easy that way. Brands like House of Napius and Momzjoy are available.

The nesting phase plays a huge role in the pregnancy when mommies starts to prepare for the coming baby..they have to plan so many things like their clothing, bedding, feeding accessories, diapering whether to go for cloth diapers or disposable and then where to buy them from? Little Shopper has everything under one roof and mommies need not go hunting for different things to different places since everything is curated at one place.

The next dilemma of a mommy is to buy the necessary baby gears for the baby like the feeding accessories for babies and toddlers like bottles and accessories then the feeding tools for toddlers is again a challenge for mommies as in where to procure them from but Little Shopper makes it so easy you have all the accessories here from bibs , dishes and utensils, sippers and cups, even food processors and mixers

In the Toy section there is good range of early learning toys for babies, pull along toys, rattles and musical toys to keep the little genius busy. There are several options for babies from Little’s like rattles and musical toys.

Something unique that I found about the website is that it has lot of clothing options for boys because most of the website don’t offer much choices for boys clothing, I really like the clothing collection for boys in Little Shopper, the tiny little bows really took my attention. Plenty to choose from when it comes to babies like onesies and jumpsuits. You can choose from brands like Andy & Evan,ZeeZeeZoo and Dave and Bella and many more.

Footwear section for both girls, boys and babies are super cool. You have loafers and sandals, baby booties pretty bow shoes and sandal for girls. I was just able to take my eyes off the girls section for footwear.

Before I forget I would like to mention about the sale that’s going on the website and you can go to the website right away


Little Shopper is one word a complete shop. So guys hop on and shop on. Its not just a shop its an amazing experience for mommies because they have a magazine section too where you can discover so much about your pregnancy and motherhood and about the dress trends and many more..check the website to know more

Little Shopper website :
Blog :


Start shopping soon there is and offer running for the month of May:everybody who signs up with us will get Rs 3000 worth cash vouchers free – this offer is only for month of may


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