#FindYourBeautiful, that’s the best you

A campaign that I came across in Twitter today by Blush where you will see Radhika Apte going through some old photos of her and thinking what message would she give to her younger self if she could, may be to change certain things or just be beautiful..

A beautiful weaved story where the video talks about celebration of a women’s beauty which is far from just color, looks or height and yes its right beauty is far beyond these taglines. Same way if I had to look at my younger self would I really like to change anything like getting more serious with maths and science and less involved in friendship and other things i did in school but whats the fun in being someone you are not, haven’t I had the best time in school and best friends that still continue to be my friend because I am what I am, did it matter to my loved ones if had curly hairs or short  height? do they every talk about it? probably no..because to connect with somebody you  don’t need straight silky hairs, they just need, the one you are. if given a chance to change anything about my childhood I would prefer to change nothing at all.

Don’t we stay in a society where we people expect you to be like this or that, tall like this, fair like that and what not..but where does my own beauty stand, the uniqueness in me that has made so many friends, its important to be unique and carry your own self instead of carrying the burden to be someone else.

we need to break from those stereotypes thanks Blush for bringing such an awesome campaign that breaks free the load we carry in our heart complaining about the things we don’t have or this could have been that way ..like the video says yeh life tumahri ahi aur tumhe hi is life ko jeena hai, then why should the society when to marry, with whom to marry, what to wear, what is good and what is not

watch the video here:


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