My mom supermom..

My mumma had put me in hostel because where we stayed didn’t have good schools in our town and she didn’t want to take chances with my schooling ..I remember how she used to make sure to visit me every Sunday..she used to be  the last one to come just before the bell rang for the parents to leave..but the teachers on duty used to give us some extra time to meet as mom used to come alone and may be they felt bad to not allow her to meet in that time I would quickly eat whatever she used to bring and finish all the stories at home and share all the news..mam would come on a round and tell us to then she would leave,with a heavy heart i used to say bye..she would give me a kiss..and would just tell me to eat well and play well…
Sometimes I would fight with her as to why she comes so late on Sundays or why she is the last person to come to pick me when the vacation starts..what i never thought was, how my mom was managing all this alone..she was probably waking up early preparing all the food and snacks to give to me..doing her Pooja..closing the house…taking a rikshaw and then bus..again get down somewhere to catch another bus or auto and then reach my hostel..woow how was she even doing all that alone..she cannot be an ordinary lady..she had superpowers..
Moms do a lot of things while raising a child, it’s difficult to know sometimes but as we grow we start realising how things were…and specially when you become a parent you have will get answers to many questions, though moms they never it was a sacrifice they were making.. It’s just so normal for them..its just how they bring us up..moms are irreplaceable..
She is my supermom..each day i wish to be like you mom..a lady who complaints less ..tries hard to keep the family you are my inspiration.. I love you #mothersday #archies #motheransdaugter #momlove #supermom #motherday

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