Summer drinks to beat the heat

Let’s begin the first post of#51daysofsummerwithcraftholicmumma,
“1/51, summer makes us thirsty..and we long for healthy yet yummy drinks. Summer fever is on…and already there are so many cold drinks available in the market, but we can make juices at home too and enjoy it in the fresh form.
So today I am listing some cool drinks that can be made at home itself..

1. Make ice tea at home and enjoy it, replace it with the regular tea.


3. Lemon juice can never go out of fashion..its so yummy, try it with a twist add some Jaljeera powder for a twist..


2. Buttermilk is not just yummy but also healthy, it aids in digestion..don’t forget to drink it after a heavy meal immediately cools the body


4. How about some melons..this summer..water melons and musk melons are so commonly available in the markets.. And I think this is the beat way to beat the heat



5. Well oranges never go out of fashion do they?? So make some orange juice at home..and enjoy it



So enjoy these Thirst Quenchers at home…and beat the heat our way.

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