Hair pampering with BBlunt!!

So finally I got a chance to lay my hands on the little BBlunt hamper I received yesterday. BBlunt hair products has been trending on every beauty bloggers list these days and I waited eagerly for a chance to try them


This trio was what I received ..
BBlunt Shampoo (Normal to Dry Hair)


My experience with the shampoo
It’s quiet mild in nature so if your hair is really dirty might have to repeat the process.
Price Rs 100 for 50 ml

BBlunt High Definition Curl Leave In cream


My experience:
You have to apply it when your hair is wet from root to up ..scrunching the hair to retain the curls..
You won’t feel the bouncy curls until the hair is wet but after it gets dried up …you can feel the volume..and enjoy the bounce of your Curls.
Price Rs225 for 50gm


BBlunt Spotlight for insta shine..



My experience with the product:
Apply it after your hair gets dried up..just spray it and you can see the shiny hair. It also settles the frizzy hair
..though not much on my case..because I have real bad frizzy hairs.
Price Rs250 For 25gm


Overall experience
The hair doesn’t feel dry feels quiet moisturised.. And smooth
Very light and bouncy too
My Verdict
Give it a try for a bouncy curly pampering.

May be next product for me to try on is BBlunt anti-frizz cream

The products are definitely worth a shot..


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