#LifeAtRamco unravelled


How many of us hate those Sunday evenings..just the thought of Monday makes us so sad..but there is something different I experienced at Ramco..where the work culture was so much enjoyed by the employees .
I was invited to attend the bloggers meet at Ramco by Digital influencer,Chennai.


I reached late for the event thanks to the evening OMR traffic and yeah I travelled in Bus after may be 3years in Chennai..and it was exciting, reliving those old bus travelling days.

OK..so Ramco building is just next to the bus stop so I didn’t have find any difficulty finding it..I went to the reception and asked ..she handed over by pass..which had my Twitter ID and details of WiFi password (intelligent)..a good sign of digital marketing.. Yeah the ID card also talked about my group which was idli sambar…I went down and enquired and a lady briefed me about the entire event and what I had missed she took me to the cafetaria called fika which in Swedish I guess means less sugar and I told her in Hindi it means saltless…


She told me about the work culture at Ramco…they believe in lot of activities for employees ..she took me where zumba was going on..and there the idli sambar team was already
present ..


never got a chance to know each other though..many bloggers took the opportunity to ask their question regarding how they believed these activities would encourage more productivity from the employees..and every question was taken quiet well by the hosts there


..she told that these activities are essential in day to day life when you work in the office for long hours You hardly get time to relax your self, the company is not very strict with their working rules..
1.work from home for women after maternity is common there..
2. The office provides food and coffee at subsidised rates
3. There is laundry service also available at the premises
4. They don’t encourage weekend shifts and all.
Next we went to the refreshment hall..where members from other teams were also available..without wasting time people were in the queue helping themselves with samosas, sandwiches and other things which was in house preparation.


I took seat somewhere and got introduced some bloggers and other people.. The hosts seemed very happy and energetic, the decorations were very good too…there were some hampers given to some bloggers for their active participation.


One of the hosts joined us on the table and told us that he loved working here.. And Ramco has so much to offer..
I had to leave early ..so I said bye to my table mates and the hosts presented me with a goodie bag offered me some chocolate pie…
My experience
I loved the energy at Ramco
Employees seemed very happy and they all had  very good energy
The office is very youthful
Workplaces need to be like this which employees would look forward to on Mondays
#LifeAtRamco was worth experiencing

With that I left for my home.. With my goodie bag



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