stinky summer? or a fragrant one

This summer as it takes its course, we sweat more and stink more..deodorants they hardly stay for couple of hours and then you need to spray again after you reach your office and then again in the break and then again while leaving the house. Today in #51daysofsummerwithcraftholicmumma I am featuring  Neesh perfumes. I received the pack of 5 very cute and portable perfumes today from Neesh.

so lets begin with the Men’s perfume first :

The first one I am gonna talk about is Eau-De-Mehfil like the name suggests ..its the mehfil empowering perfume, well suited for a party or a social gathering.



Next Men’s perfume that I received is Oud-E-Khas, the orange colored passport box is a dynamite, this perfume is an amalgamation of sharp sweet wood with Indian saffron blended so well for those special occasions.


Let’s move to the women perfume collection I received:

The first one I am gonna talk about is Rose-E-Mohabatt..the name itself transports you to the Mughal are sure gonna love it if you have a thing for rose fragrance. the musky rose fragrance is so enticing, that you are gonna prefer it for those special evenings.


The Next is Amber-De-Oud, I personally loved it because it has that fresh smokey fragrance, the more I smell it the more I am lot in it..I love the musky touch to it.


The last but not the least, I have reserved my personal favorite for the last..yes it Oud-De-Venice, the combination of the floral, spicy and dark work so beautifully together. I love the subtle scent..its very calm and soothing for me.



Well..yes..I am a perfume lover, I am loving my Neesh perfumes..Though in India people don’t use perfumes much, you will know this if you travel in buses etc. and others have to bear the wrath of their body smell. So I guess Neesh is a revolutionary in Indian market with these light, ATM card sized perfumes, you can slip them to your purse or pockets.

I think its also a wonderful gift option..specially in this summer for our relative male/female

The price isRs 340/- for 20 ml.

The fragrance linger for long and one thing that I like is the concept about the product..remember those days when grandma/grandpa used to use uttar which was made from essential oils, being a natural blend the fragrance also calms the mind.

So this summer pick you fragrance, instead of managing with the sweaty stink .

fragrance is good

packaging good

portability good

Check out more details here http://neesh. in

shop them from flipkart, amazon,snapdeal and ebay and like Neesh says smell well. (always).


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