Those 9 months!!!!

Pregnancy is perceived very differently by different women, I mean for some it might come as a shock when they were least expecting it, for some its planned ..and for some its the most anticipated and they are truly into it.

so without wasting much time..i will take you to my journey which is funny, inspiring in some ways, emotional now and then,clueless, worried,crazy and beautiful.

The first month(Feb): The first month, I didn’t even know I was preggy, how could I? it was the second month of my marriage..during the end of the month..I started to get worried and went for check ups..the test result were pending till the next month..

The second month (march) :I was pretty sure, the tests would be negative, i never expected this to happen at all..when I say at all I mean at the first half of the month was running to my gynecologist, test labs etc, having a strong believe that I was not preggy and then second half of the month was like first reaction ..I cried..sobbed..called mom, aunt and then finally got convinced that things would be fine.

The Third month (April): Saw the ultrasound for the first time, couldn’t believe what I was seeing, felt extremely emotional, continued to go to the office and expected my tummy to pop up (which was not even close) also visited my mom in between and it felt strange how will see you after getting the news..definitely more love and more care from all sides.

The Fourth month (May):I Was still going to the office with hubby, there were not much pregnancy blues so vomiting or other nausea stuffs. i vomited just twice once when brushing and other time due to some bad smell. so my first three months went smooth. yeah but I was very low in the appetite, i ate less but no tiredness a such.

The fifth month (June): This month I experienced,  kind of mood swings. I was feeling very creative sometimes, sometimes very happy or sad..and also i had topped going to the office I was thinking a lot..yes..and this was the time when my cravings actually kicked in. I was craving for sweets, middle of the night I felt like eating a tub of ladoos and let me tel you I never sweet tooth before and I started hating sour taste and also anything with the garlic smell.

The sixth month (July): This month my creativity was on peak, I started knitting, with the help of you tube tutorials, I started knitting and crochet too, yes as a child I used to observe my Nani doing thee kind of things but after that I had never taken interest in knitting until now. So I spent this month learning knitting and crochet and making few stuff ass well. Also I joined a lamaze class this month since the instructor enrolled only after 5th month scans, classes were something I really looked forward used to be three days a week. It was mix of yoga and exercises, I was meeting other preggy ladies..and that was very encouraging and motivating. The instructor also taught us about labor, breastfeeding and about baby first few days preparations and things like that.

The seven month (August): As I continued to go the classes, I was getting more confident and learning a lot, I felt more fit and away from any problems but now and then i experienced leg cramps and the exercises used to help me that time. By this month I had started seeing lot of sewing videos and wanted to learn sewing,  I kept searching for classes ad finally found not very far from my house, took a month course since it was already seventh month. I used the automatic machines without the pedal one..the teacher was very kind to give me special attention and  teach me some baby clothes, I also bought a machine, and would try several things, made diapers, some clothes too.I also tried some cooking


The Eighth month (September): This month I started getting nesting attacks, I felt as If I had not prepared for my baby at all. I started reading, reading and reading. I read about hospital packing, things to buy for my baby, how to prepare the house..and all. bought bathing tub, though it a custom not to buy anything before baby’s arrival as my mom says.I made my hospital bag ready, and was prepared for all kind of emergencies..I had stopped going to all the classes and my mother-in-law was here already. I was due on 10th october, I was voraciously reading about labor, labor and labor..

The ninth month: (october): my 36th week ended and just the beginning of the 37th week on 2nd october..I was standing in the kitchen and talking to my mother in law,  I felt some leaking rushed to the water had broke but it was going very slowly, I called my lamaze instructor and she said it will take time for the pain to kick in, till then just relax at home. walk the breathing exercises..and keep monitoring the baby movements, we kept trying different labor positions, but there was no sign of any pain..till next day,  had stopped leaking and it was next day evening that i felt slight pain but still it was not like the labor pain starts particular pattern was very vague..late evening i felt that I was getting pain now and we left for the hospital late at night..after 3 hours of labor pain ..I delivered at 4 AM in the morning, this was a looong wait, but the moment I saw Adi, i was no more tired, I felt no pain any more, jut kept looking at his tiny eye, fingers and nose. I had a normal delivery thanks to my doctor and lamaze instructor and various articles that I read and ofcourse my hubby, he was a constant support throughout.


The nine months are not a kind of illness, don’t be sick and loose the fun.Go out, have fun. don’t be ashamed of you body because it growing in all angles, there i a miracle inside, the day you will feel the baby movement, you will feel different, you will feel the journey,eat good, talk to mom or aunt, friends. cook, indulge in those lost hobbies, think of new hobbies. Prepare for the baby, trust me there are many thing to do. Have a happy pregnancy.

Frankly, my pregnancy turned me into a new person, I learnt a lot about myself, things that were hiding somewhere inside me came out through my pregnancy journey, go ahead and discover yours too.

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”



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