An experience to remember..mother’s day at Intercontinental Chennai

Mother’s day needs to be celebrated right??, I am sure all mommies would have had a great mother’s day. I didn’t have a great plan until I got an opportunity to be at the Intercontinental resort for my mother’s day celebrations. I asked my husband to come along and since we had planned Sunday with parents, he was little reluctant, so I asked in-laws to join in too but due to some reason they could not join in and we planned to explore melting pot all by ourselves, after a good drive from our home we reached  and still so unsure about the decision we made because we had not heard about the resort before.

So as we entered we there were wide and huge walls giving us no clue as to what lay inside, and the moment we entered there was spectacular view which was hiding inside,


we got a very warm welcome and the journey of the food began, kicked off with a kiwi and passion fruit mocktail


Soup with the crunchy veggies..the crunchy veggies and the bland soup blended well..


and then followed platter of veggie with broccoli, corn and paneer, sushi veg and non-veg delighted our taste buds, amazing variety to choose from


while Adi was busy with the grilled chicken, I took a walk around the heaven of food which was displayed o beautifully..different kinds of breads, dessert, salads, the grilling area and so many other things.

As the food journey progressed, we had an amazing experience with quality of food, the taste and the presentation.

Apart from all the things we enjoyed, my special mention goes some of the unique delicacies..

This very interesting raw mango juliennes soaked in jaggery with onions was a brilliant thought..and taste too


Next..from the dessert section was this yummy rose petal ice-cream with basil and hazel nut in the did sound strange to us too..but only if I could tell you how magically the combination worked


my next favorite is this papaya shots with carrot..I am a papaya lover and this was perfect drink for me.


The mushroom flower pot with the cheesy mushroom was a twist a liked, and then not to forget the barbecued prawns, fishes etc.


and then there was this lemony eye opener that I loved, the lemon sorbet..ah a spoon is enough to take your tiredness away


The Chef incharge of the dessert section was very kind to talk elaborately about his various experiments and innovations that he does in the kitchen. ..and we loved the different textures of the chocolate he presented to us..crumbly, moist, little salt, smooth and something you can’t top eating.

A walk through the dessert section will make you run to dessert shop immediately, if you are reading this:


The overall food experience was too good, special mention to the chefs who presented their dishes and their enthusiasm made us love their creation more, the service was something we had not experienced in a while.

we had a  good chat with the executive chef and he told us what’s their vision for melting pot, they aim at service and quality after all it’s a resort so you aim here is to relax the guests, he also told how his experience is in a resort is different as compared from city restaurants, he has more opportunity here to experience and understand the guests palette.




yeah if you though that our experience ended here, well it didn’t ..we decided to stay for some more time and enjoy the a walk through the property, there is huge a property on the other side so peaceful and serene, so quiet, there is a tennis court and a beautiful walk to the beach so clean. the whole place is done by an Italian architect Isabella.


we had an amazing eve at the beach, Adi had fun playing running and playing with sand and throwing most of it on us..


To sum up we had an amazing experience at the intercontinental resort, well food is not only the thing that people look forward to when they go for a experience in a resort, its way beyond it, and the only thing that matters is how they make you feel.. a brunch like this on a sunday will definitely relax you and take you away from the stress and the busy city life.

My Verdict : Must Visit for good food and amazing fun and relaxation.

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