Malaysian Food Fest @Rain Tree,Chennai

Rain Tree organised Malaysian Food Fest in collaboration with Chef Asri, so what would you look forward to when you go to eat Malaysian food? spicy sambal? or Asam pedas?thee are some familiar names when we think of Malaysian cuisine right, and yes the shrimp paste too. Without much assumptions lets start exploring the Malaysian food.


A we made our self comfortable, we were looking for the Chef to have a chat and get the idea of food through his lens, thankfully there was not much rush and Chef Asri was very kind to sit with us. So, I took this opportunity to ask him few questions.

  1. Chef, Is this the first time you are here in Chennai for a fest like this, How has your experience been so far?

Chef:    yeah, it’s my first time in Chennai but I have done a fest in Delhi before, the experience has been good though I expected more people to turn up, and it’s quiet smooth here though I am used to handle bigger gathering.

2. Have you made any changes in the cuisine you are presenting here or it’s the same as you would serve to your Malaysian guests?

Chef: Yes, we have made a kind of fusion with the cuisine here to match the people’s palate.

3. What about ingredients, were you able to get all the ingredients here? or did you bring them from Malaysia? Also, what will you be taking from our South Kitchen?

Chef:yes..yes, I got some of the ingredients from my kitchen, he was very kind to how us what he got among which was coconut dried and roasted powder, Malaysian curry powder and shrimp paste. He said there is not anything he would like to take from here since they have almost all ingredients there.

look at the ingredients Chef had got from Malaysia


Chef Asri was very kind to take us through the dishes and explained very patiently about each of them, he said they use lot of veggies for flavor and color, also I saw okra in many of his dishes.

Flavoured rice cooked with lemon grass and kobis mamak (cabbage cooked with turmeric) very plain and simple

Beef Masak Merah (Beef cooked in Tomato sauce) and Tougeh Goreng (sauteed bean sprouts) 


one of my favorites,Ayam Asam Pedas Chicken cooked in coconut red gravy


Then you have the yummy seafood sambal(squid in sambal , The chef said that here the squid are very small though they get bigger ones there and overall seafood produce i more fresh in Malaysia compared to what he saw here)


Kambing with turmeric, a simple lamb curry cooked in turmeric..


Here is my another favorite dish from Malaysian cuisine Ikan curry (fish cooked in coconut curry), I am sure you would have noticed okra in most of the dishes..

These dishes that I have listed were specially mentioned by Chef Asari.

Now lets go for a walk around and check out the desserts…Icecreams, Malay special desserts.

My overall experience was good and the best thing was I could talk to chef exclusively and learn about the cuisines in a better way, definitely a day i not enough to understand but atleast we knew what we were experiencing.

Beautiful interiors of Colony, loved the shelf and the display .

The lobby and the entrance of Rain Tree.

As usual we finished our meals with a cup of cappuccino, bye bye Colony till we meet again:):)




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