Travelling adventures with my bubs!!!

“Mom,I can’t come with him alone, it’s very difficult to travel with him you, why don’t you understand ma..”, but you know how mom’s are right?? she never gave up and kept calling me until I finally booked my tickets with Yatra,Domestic Airlines , yeah finally I had decided to see my mom and prayed to God for the adventure that awaited me.

After marriage visiting your mom’s house is like going for the first time, each time you visit you home town. I packed like a trillion times, God knows what I might need with a baby with me diapers, tissues, changing mats, extra pair of clothes and socks, still not sure if I had packed everything. As the cab came, my heartbeat started increasing like the my heart was pumping all my blood at the same time. I checked with yatra regarding my   Flight Schedule , and seems everything was fine, I was taking    Go Air Airlines , as it has direct flight to Ranchi from Bangalore. reached the airport safely and my boy decided to sleep throughout the one hour travel from our house to the Airport that means he would be awake throughout the air journey, All the best to you, mumma”, i muttered to myself.


Next we were at the airport, standing in the cue the only good thing about travelling with babies is that airlines make sure that you are not standing in the cue for long. so while we waited for the flight, we went to the baby room and I changed Adi’s (yeah, that’s my sonny boy)diaper and gave him some food, we boarded the flight without any difficulty, well I already told you that you need not stand in the cue with babies. Thankfully I didn’t get the window seat, you might find it strange as I say this but with a baby I didn’t know how many times I would have to visit the washroom and I hate to disturb my fellow passengers. As the journey began I kept Adi busy with his car foe 15 minutes, the next 15 minutes were with his books, then next 10 minutes with the juice box and straws, thanks to the screen in front, now and then he would get diverted pressing those buttons randomly. mean time I kept checking the flight route and time it would take to reach on the screen. As Adi began to get retless, I just got up to make a trip to the washroom to give him some change and as were nearing our destination he decided to doze off which makes it more difficult, because I would have to carry him and the bags too otherwise atleast he would have walked now and then. we got down at the Birsa Munda airport, Ranchi. But the journey had not ended yet, I had to wait in the airport a my mom as usual was not in time, and as much as I hate to wait, now it was my turn to get restless. Adi had woken up already and kept playing, running here and there, we had already collected our baggage.

Finally my mum showed up, and after a hearty meal at my favorite restaurant Kaveri(you will understand what Kaveri means to Ranchiites, if you have grown up there and spent most of your time in church complex), as I told you after marriage I fall in love with my hometown every time I visit and this time it was more different because my little bubs was coming along, I was scared and hesitant if the weather will suit him, or if the water will suit him, will he be able to adjust but after I saw my mom I knew everything will be all right. Adi was very reluctant to mix with other in the beginning but slowly he started loving the open space, the fun of having our own terrace and big verandhas was not something he had experienced before. But like we all know that good things, don’t last long and hence it was time for us to pack our bags to be back and this time I was little more confident. so I took a connected flight with Yatra Domestic Airlines , Ranchi to Delhi and Delhi to Bangalore and this time we chose Air India Airlines, which reached late at the Delhi Airport and I had to run like Ussain Bolt to the terminal with Adi and the multiple bags I was carrying in hand. well, with that speed finally I reached the terminal, I could not have afford to miss the flight. In another two others we were in Bangalore safely, as hubby smiled at us from distance and Adi ran to hug his Dad.




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