Having a spa like experience with spawake..

What is Spawake??
The spawake as the company says gives a spa like natural glow with the enriched  sea minerals in its products..
Sea minerals like kelp which is Laminaria Japonica and sea salt..yes these are Japanese products

I received a beautiful hamper, packed in a wooden box..very earthy and natural look, I would say.

Slowly I started exploring the products, I will begin with the moisturising face wash.
I have been using since couple of days now..it’s very gentle on screen,transparent and smooth.. No dryness after using it.


Next..is Whitening scrub face wash..tiny particles in a gel ..mildly scrubs the dirt and leaves the skin fresh.


Next is this Deep Purity Mask which you don’t have to keep for long time..just 3 minutes and wash away..it’s advisable to use once or twice in a week. My skin felt quiet fresh and rejuvinated post the wash.


Let’s talk about the face creams now..

First is the Spawake fairness cream for day..with vitamin E and sea minerals.
Yes my skin feels quiet moisturised and the effect stays for long


Spawake moisturising cream for night
I am loving the night cream…neither very greasy nor very dry..just hydrating enough to give a glowly and pearly shine to the skin


Then the Spawake moisturising cold cream which is meant for extremely dry weather aimed at calming the chapped skin..well rains are here and I am gonna use it on those extremely dry skin days..


Spawake whitening gel cream
Though this is a fairness cream but being in a gel form doesn’t give that artificial fairness..infact it’s quiet moisturising and meant to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays. It is enriched with vitamin C and B3 to reduce melanin production and algae extract to protect from sun rays.


So my overall experience has been good so far..I am loving the products from the sea..made of see weed and kelp, algae extract.
It is quite like spa experience for skin as it is all about moisturising and nourishing with natural hydration.
Leaves the skin with a smooth texture..and pearly glow.

Here is what Aditi Hydari had to say when I asked her about skin routine



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