Rainy days food ideas..

It’s been raining and raining and only raining last 3 days in Chennai and somehow these rains make me an absolute lazy idiot..of course weather has a strong influence on moods ..doesn’t it??
Yeah ..it has..and for me it makes me damn lazy.. Coping up with the drenchy weather is not an easy task.

The first rain day.. Hubby made some vegetable soup..
Look at the big bowl of soup..
and that saved me from cooking

Reqains also brings these craving for samosas..but to my luck we don’t get tasty samosa’s here in Chennai (if you are from north,probably you will understand what I am talking about) So hubby had a better idea he got some frozen ones from supermarket along with French fries and . so dinner was pretty much sorted…but I had to still cope up with few more already predicted rainy days..
So I thought why not share some yummy healthy and and not so healthy.. Food ideas for rainy days which we have been trying out..

Bolied corns goes perfectly with the weather.. Add some butter and chaat masala and enjoy them..you can also bake them directly on fire..

Something helathy ..yet tasty ..make these banana fritters..just slice raw banana thin,lengthwise and marinate with ginger garlic paste (I use home made) chilli powder,dhania powder,salt and turmeric..and after keeping for half an hour shallow fry them. And enjoy..


Here is a yummy lunch option..fish fry with fish curry to get rid of the boredom of the rainy weather…looks so yummy na??

Some noodles never hurt..does it?? image

Here is some yummy burgers..I made the other day..ofcourse I used the ready-made patties ..for stuffing..they were yummy so yummy


Ah..samosas they perfectly go with this weather.. Like made for each other.. Though we got the frozen ones..but they were really good…it’s not like north here..getting samosa in every nukkad..


And yeah let’s add some French fries to the masti..too..thanks to frozen food ..and my lazy self..

But don’t worry I am gonna end this post with boiled peanuts..we got these raw peanuts here..just boil them with some salt and enjoy .

So have fun the food and tell the dark clouds..come come..dark clouds..I am not scared of you..


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