Baby Biotique Bubble Bath Review

Adi really likes to play and jump in the tub for long hours, Long bath time means a good bubble bath. I wanted to change his bubble bath and came across Baby Biotique Bio Berry Sensitive Mommy & Baby Bubble Bath.
We have been using it since couple of days now.


I love the mild berry fragrance, and it bubbles quiet well in the tub.
For a summer like this I will recommend this for a good bath time.


Wild berries, aloe Vera and honey.

How to use:
Just squeeze some amount in the tub and run the tap ..until the tub is full, you can see lot of bubbles and froth.

Why should you buy it?
It’s summer and you will love the Berry smell, for a fresh bath.
It’s not very costly Rs 150 for 190 ml
If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s worth a try.


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