St.D’vencè moisturising lotion review

Whether its summer or winters..we need moisturisers for our skin irrespective of the weather..but I was looking for some fragrant Moisturiser yet light in texture and came across
St. D’encè Moisturiser.

It’s a very cute white bottle, I got the 300ml bottle..


I always prefer the squeeze bottles for the ease of use.
It’s manufactured by bio herbal remedies India but formulated and designed in London

The ingredients:
Aloe Vera, almond oil, vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and others

Why you should buy this??
It’s very light and gets easily absorbed in the skin, nobody likes a sticky lotion in summer
The fragrance is good
The bottle is really cute.
The price for 300 ml bottle in Amazon is around Rs150


Do I recommend??
Yes..but definitely this is not for very dry skins, as the lotion doesn’t stay for long on the skin neither the fragrance stays long.

Please note: This is my personal review, not sponsored.


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