Deepika’s fashion in Tamasha was so summery!!!

I finally saw Tamasha, last week on AND TV.
Apart from the movie..which I liked a lot, the story of our generation..IT slave, as this generation is and many of us don’t get to do what we really desire in life and end up doing things we hate, mostly to please parents and society. The plot is good and how Ranbir Kapoor breaks free from that, the transition that he goes from the one is trying to be to what he exactly is..
But what I am gonna talk today is about Deepika’s fashion in the summer and so awesome that I couldn’t resist writing.

Deepika’s fashion has always been very trendy from her airport clothing to her movie promotions, everything has been in buzz..and in Tamasha she has sported some amazing looks..very summer very live..
Though it’s been quiet long since the movie is released but her style can be still adapted for the remaining summer,not only from the movie but her fashion from the Tamasha promotions



She chose lots of prints and polka dots, trust me polka dots never grow old. nobody could have thought of teaming the polka dot dress with the printed jacket, and it goes perfectly.



Many of her outfits were very boho, the hairstyle braided, canvas and bags


Look at the white gown here with the denim jacket..and the white shoes..I love the neckline in particular.


My another fav. Piece the floral dress which was also spotted by Kangana, and the long earrings do absolute justice.


The white tee, the shades and that coffee, a desirous look,

I must say..supercool in my words


The look in this pic is again very boho, very stylish and cool ..don’t u love the striped back.


When these capes are so much in fashion, Deepika didn’t refrain from spotting one..and she rocked it..
Der Saver, Finally I could gather these to put up..get inspired..don’t is about creating ideas from various sources and then personalising for your own self..
So go on play with fashion:):)


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