Whats your view on #DilliFashion

Today on Twitter,Oranje clothing started a topic regarding #DilliFashion, I was flushed with ideas about Delhi fashion and how it is different and edgy at the same time.
What I specially like about the Delhi Fashion is the mix and match people do with their style, also it’s quiet girly with a  punjabi twist.
I thought of few movies where actresses have pulled off very Dilli style looks
For example do you remember Anushka Sharma’s look in Band Baja Baarat


The red printed patiala, the shiny blue kurti and the yellow dupatta so perfect for a marriage and other Indian functions.

Do you remember Kareena’s look in Kurbaan, long skirt, jhola bag, a churidar with the skirt..a very Dilli look..and yes that scarf



A similar look like this was sported by Alia in the movie 2 states in the college part of the movie..the long skirt, vests and the tanks..the jhola bags too


Sonam Kapoor’s Dilli6 look was also very dilli…she has all the ada in the movie..the latka, jhatkas..nazakaat and the masti..yeah..that masakali look


Basically what comes to my mind when I think of Dilli Fashion is ethnic jewellery, Patialas, long skirts, the tanks,scarfs and jhola bags..
Yeah Delhi has plenty to offer and plenty of shopping places to from Sarojini,Janpath,Chandni Chowk and Dilli hat..and so many..
Dilli fashion is just not about the outfits, it’s how the Dilli girls carry it..beautifully!!!


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