Bitter Gourd with a twist

Do you hate bitter gourd?? I have got a fun recipe for you…which might interest you to eat bitter gourd after all. First time I ate this when I was in Orissa for my internship and since then I have been cooking this. It’s very simple and easy. So let’s begin

You need :
1 medium size bitter gourd
To make the marinade: half cup gram flour, chat masala or aamchoor powder
Salt and few drops of oil
Oil to fry

Cooking time: 25 minutes
Difficulty level: super easy


Chop bitter gourd into thin round slices


Make a better of medium consistency neither too thick nor thin, just enough to hold on to the slices while frying


Marinate the slices in the batter for sometimes also sqeeze in some lime


Deep fry it..and make sure it’s fried for little longer as we are looking for crispy texture..but don’t burn it


That’s it ..your crispy bitter gourd is ready..
Enjoy it..taste bhi health bhi :):)


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