Khadi Natural Bhringraj oil review

My recent obsession with natural products took me to Bhringraj Khadi oil, I have been ignoring my hair and  it’s need to get a good oiling from quiet a long time, specially after marriage when mom is not here to catch hold of me and put oil.
Recently I have been facing issues of hairfall and dryness too and I was in look out for a good hair oil, I came across this Bhringraj Oil from khadi Naturals, I bought it to try it out.

But what is Bhringraj ?
Bhringraj plant belongs to the sunflower family.
It has so many ayurvedic properties, promotes hair growth and prevents greying of hair too, apparently it is used to make Kohl’s(kajal) too
It has many medicinal properties, it also soothes and calms the head.


What about this bottle?
The color of the oil is dark green, and the smell is kind of smoky, not an intolerable one though.
The texture I would say is light, so I end up putting up lots of it.
Certainly it helps my head calm down
About Hair fall, I cannot comment yet since it’s just my first bottle.
After shampoo effect, I mostly have to shampoo twice to get rid of the oil completely and my hair really feels quiet moisturised and soft post shampoo.


Should you buy it?

Yes, in would recommend this bottle if you love herbal/ayurvedic products.
Yes..the oil will you fight your battle with dry hair.
It’s a good oil and can be bought for regular use.
It’s not very heavy on pocket so you can go ahead and give it a try.


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