I should have been happy ..but I cried!!

Still my friends when they meet me, they say yaar ” tu mummy ban gayi,lagta nahi hai” and I tell them “mujhe bhi lagta yaar”, same way my Lamaze instructor used to tell me that motherhood won’t come instantly to you, it will come slowly and you won’t know.
After Adi came to my life, I don’t know if I became more responsible or  not, but yeah I know my life revolves around him, not for a second it wanders elsewhere. Parenthood teaches you everything, nobody tells you to stay up the night when your baby is sick, it’s just that you cannot sleep those nights. I always end up doing things that would make Adi happy and that makes me happy.
I remember those times mom would have tears in her eyes when I achieved something or did good in school or
college and I would ask her “ma, isme rone ki kya baat hai“,she would just smile.
Recently Adi participated in a ramp walk, I thought he would not walk but I didn’t give up just stayed with him near the stage as other children started walking so that he would see and get encouraged, though other children were older than him and done rehearsals too but anyways there was no point doing rehearsals as he would have got tired by the time the event came which was on the same day. When Adi’s turn came he walked so confidently to my surprise ..yes he had an older girl accompanying him, but he smiled and walked ..though it was a moment I should have been so happy about but I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks.
I don’t know why, it was just a casual ramp walk but seeing him independent, made me cry. Well..parents cry for reasons you will never understand ..may be that’s why mom used to cry.


This pic is just before the event, Adi getting familiar with the stage and the runway.


Another pic from the event.

This post is dedicated to all the parents who have given up jobs, or made innumerable sacrifices, for their kids and dedicated every moment of their lives to raise their kids with so much love.
Well as children we should make sure we are there when our parents need us..as we grow we are part of their stories that they tell others, they remember every moment that they spent with us, for us life keeps changing and new people keep coming and going but for them their life kind of revolves around those moments. So listen to them, talk to them, spend time with them, visit them and always keep in touch, make them feel special.

“I am blogging for the Parents’ Day activity at Parentous”


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