Little boy should not be the couch potato..

“Priyanka, please serve the dinner”, “Priyanka, why can’t you wash my white shirts separately”, “Priyanka, change the bedsheet”, “Priyanka, put him to sleep”, “Priyanka,pay the electricity bill”, “Priyanka, why can’t you keep the house little clean”..Don’t get alarmed if your name is Priyanka.. I was just sharing what I hear everyday, guessed it right basically I am expected to do everything here. If my hubby was taught in his childhood to do his work by himself probably he would have done all these things by himself. But my in-laws are not the only ones to blame here are they?? I have grown up seeing the same things in my house too…when my brothers used to relax and watch Harry Potter and I used to be with my mom in the kitchen helping her out…and sometimes I hated to be in that situation and would wish to be a boy at those times.
Sharing the load not even a option at many families’s very clearly said and understood that arey ye aurat ka kaam hai..tu kyun kar raha hai. It’s  already decided by somebody ..these men watch Hollywood movies where men are shown to share the household responsibilities, still fail to understand how men share load at home or may be they overlook it. Whereas still many movies whether Hindi or Tamil you will see women peeping through the curtains and men making all decisions.. Hate that!!
If you are a mom of a daughter, do you feel more responsible that you should teach her everything at home or do you end up telling her that you have to learn this or that before marriage  ?? Well I feel moms of boys need to be  equivalently responsible..because the house load needs to be shared. Being a boy doesn’t give them the privilege to watch the movie without missing a single scene meanwhile somebody keeps running to serve them water or food.
Have you seen the idea ad ” Hamare yahan apna kaam koi khud nahi karta” so damn true. The best way to break the monotony is to train the children to do their work by themselves and the challange is when you have son and a daughter, never let your daughter do your son’s work that’s the biggest mistake ever, you are giving a bad message to both your children. This habit of doing things by themselves will stay with them forever. They will know to iron their own clothes, wash clothes and bring their own glass of water.
I have a little boy who loves to help me in the kitchen, he helps him with the laundry. He has his own kitchen where he cooks and plays. He loves cars and loves to cook.

Adi chopping veggies

Why can’t he buy play with the kitchen toys..some people tell me..why are you giving him kitchen sets to play, is he a girl?? I ask them who said only girls could cook or play with kitchen toys..?? When girls can play cricket, why can’t guys cook.
I find #ShareTheLoad is an amazing initiative, but getting men work and helping household chores is damn difficult specially when they grow up knowing that house chores are women’s work.
So let’s change this concept in the coming generation…let them learn that women are not just meant for house chores, let the boys know that sharing the load at home is a natural thing…where a family lives ..the duties needs to be shared not dictated.



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