Avocado Shake Recipe

Avocados are no doubt one of the healthiest fruit enriched with omega3, proteins and vitamins.


It’s a miracle fruit, somehow not so familiar with many of us. I got introduced to the fruit when Adi had just started his solids and I was very conscious to give him all healthy foods.
But I  didn’t succeed in giving him much avocados not only because he didnt like the taste but also I struggled big time in finding when the fruit exactly ripens, sometimes I would cut it when raw sometime when it was ripe and only now after watching many videos and reading number of articles, I have finally learnt to recognise the ripe ones.
Here is video link, which I have made to help you, to find when the fruit ripens and and how to cut it open.

Now let’s come to the main point which  is how to make the Avocado shake, it’s very simple

Sccop out the flesh from avocado, avoid the dark green areas which will give a bitter taste
Blend it with milk and sugar


And freeze it for sometime and ta..da..your Avocado Shake is ready


I love the buttery taste though Adi is not very fond of it.

You can also try other recipes like Guacamole which is a dip used for Nachos or Tortillas.
Avocado helps to maintain blood sugar lever and blood pressure too.
I can talk and talk  nosnstop about the super fruit..so start eating avocados if you haven’t already, and yeah it’s also good for skin and hairs.


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