Pamper yourself with skin yoga

Skin yoga as the name’s a natural way of relaxing the skin, as much as I was fascinated with the concept I took my own time to try each one of the products I received and only if I could pay justice to the experience I had in words. Radhika, Deepika and Jagriti.
I have always had an inclination towards natural products..Skinyoga is all about natural goodness for skin. Three beautiful sisters are behind the birth of Skinyoga which I learnt through their website.
They have amazing range of body scrubs and mousse, foot scrubs and face wash. I got to experience some of them and let’s see how they fared.


Fresh orange body mousse, advised to use after shower
The texture is rough and acts as exfoliator too, after shower the skin feels very soft and smooth.


Green tea face mask, you just need to apply on the face and wash after 5 minutes, a fresh and clean feeling.


Post workout neem purifier is a perfect body wash after a long sweaty tired day, it works on the sweat and germs and cleans the skin giving you nice feeling.
I used to take a nice nap post the shower. After a good sweaty workout or a day out specially in the Chennai heat this product works right.


Sandalwood saffron combination for skin is very thoughtful, the benefits of sandalwood and saffron are known to us and getting them in a bottle is like a gift for the skin.


Oats and rose face wash..the moment you add little water to it changes the color and you can see the petals come alive…and mild smell of rose and oats..


Coffee body scrub has ingredients like coffee, sesame and coconut oil which leaves the skin very soft and smooth.


Who doesn’t want a soft and nice foot but finding a natural way to pamper feet is difficult and expensive Tea tree  foot scrub just works wonderfully.


Orange almond face exfoliator, this combination works gently to exfoliate the dead cells and give a nice lightening tone to the skin.
I have love the products and recommend to everybody who loves natural products.
The directions to use are mentioned with every product and that makes it easier to use.
They are paraban free and fragrance free products so don’t expect any fragrance, I was kind of missing the fragrnace beacuse we are used to artificial fragrance in products.image

Indulge in the natural goodness and let your skin feel the rich.


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