PeeSafe spray and wipes review

Using the public toilets can be a major discomfort for many people, while some choose to just wait till they reach home while some just give-in and use them anyway.
I came across this amazing product pee safe which is very easy and convenient to use. Just spray the toilet seat and it evaporates quickly and you get a nice fragrance which lingers on for long..


What PeeSafe does?
It’s an instant toilet seat sanitizer spray which protects 99.9% from bacteria
It has IPA formulation which starts the action in 5 minutes of application.



Where it can be used:
Toilet seats
Toilet tops
Door knobs

The 75 ml is priced Rs150

it’s gonna be in my travelling bag, it’s compact and easy to carry.
I liked the concept of the product.

I also received PeeSafe wet wipes which can be used both on skin and surfaces.


Why Pee Safe wet wipes
They are pH neutral hence do not interfere with the skin’s natural protection and the moisturises the skin too.

It is can be used at home and outdoors
Priced Rs. 60 for 10 wipes

It has a mild not very loud smell…and it’s perfect for outdoors.

I liked both the products and recommend.

Whre to buy?
They are available on


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