Review: Gold Dragon, Padur

Yesterday we planned to eat out and went to this place called Gold Dragon which is a small place, the area around looked shabby and old, you might just turn your car looking it from outside but we had read some good reviews so we went inside.

The ambience inside is different from what it looked outside.
It’s spacy and dim, little loud with TV and radio, but it gives a perfect Chinese restaurant ambience. To my surprise there was small play area for kids, Adi got busy the moment be entered inside.

Let’s talk about food.

We were looking to try for new stuffs but most of what we wanted from the menu was not available, we wanted pomfret with bamboo shoot but neither pomfret nor bamboo shoots were there.
Lobsters were not there so we realised it’s not a seafood place, it’s Chinese restaurant
Our order:


1. fish sizzler


Nice sizzling spicy fish with onions,capsicum,tomatoes
Salad and a bowl of rice
Fish used : Basa


2.  Drums of Heaven


Adi loves to eat chicken, and these were nicely roasted, very juicy chicken, not spicy so children can enjoy too


3. Lamb curry

This was hubby’s order, though I am not a big fan of saucy curries but this was ok not that great


4. Pad Thai Pak chicken Rice


Nice masaledaar rice, with eggs veggies
And lots of things

5. We finished with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate.n


We loved the ice-cream..and totally enjoyed.

The total bill was Rs 1259/-

Why you should visit the place
-Light on the pocket
-You like Chinese
– You stay nearby Padur


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