Skin18 products Review

Hey guys,

Today I am talking about skin18. Heard of it before? Yes definitely would have heard through social media channels.

What is this Skin18?
Skin18 is a Korea based company, with these very interesting products like nose strip, face masks, animal face masks and many more.

What did I receive??


Aloe 7skin Scheduler Monday juicy mask


Very moisturising just like putting dollops of Aloe on my face
A quick calming experience
The face feels fresh

Fresh fruit cucumber Mask Pack


Smells like fresh cucumbers straight from the field
It’s so cold on the if I was taking a spa somewhere

Animal cutie Mask Pack- relaxing charcoal and Aloe Mask



These are so fun like a monkey mask on my face
Lots of liquid inside which can be applied to hands and legs too
Look at the combination of Aloe and different

Charcoal Nose cleansing strip


Who doesn’t want to get rid of those black irritating and heads popping up on the nose..and these strips are easy to use unless you have very hard blackheads sitting there for ages..Idon’t think it will work in that case.

Ben and Serra 30 days anti ageing project


Serum for anti-ageing..
Apply it of you can continue over a period of 30 days..but frankly I am not regular.

These are some of the things I received..

Overall review
They are easy to use, doesn’t take much time
As far as it’s effect is considered, these are daily mask and should be used over a period of time to see the effect.
But yes, I loved the concept of masks it very relaxing.

Wanna know more about them
Log onto


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