Make yoga a way of life

International yoga day ..became a big success, trending all over Twitter,Facebook and Instagram with companies involving fans with lots of activities related to yoga poses/asanas.
Yoga trended in television and news channels, celebrities and influencers made it a superhit celebration.
It was a good opportunity for fitness magazines and health promoters to talk about yoga benefits.

Agree, or not yoga is one of the best ways to discipline the body and mind. I got introduced to yoga during my pregnancy through my Lamaze classes which was basically a mix of yoga and exercises. Well, I can bet on the benefits during pregnancy. I never faced any issues like heartburn or much cramps. Yoga based for  pelvic areas were extremely beneficial and actually it helped me for a normal delivery.
There are amazing breathing exercises that can help a lot during your labor. Breathing exercises helped me handle my labor in a better way and also my labor was miraculously very short. It also serves as a a wonderful way to relax your mind during pregnancy and connect to your inner self. But pregnancy was not the first time I had learnt yoga, I have grown watching my grandmom do yoga as she was also the member of yogashram.

However, I got very inconsistent with yoga post pregnancy and hope to get it on track now once again. Yoga is easy to follow, you don’t need to visit the gym yes if you are not confident you can always attend some classes to learn the basics. Make yoga a part of your life and see the difference it makes.




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