Naturàl goodness from Fuchsia by vkare

Natural products are trending all over, people are moving from the chemical products and want to experience the goodness of natural ingredients.
I am chasing natural products too and I am gonna share my experience with some of the Fuchsia products I received.

1.) The plush peach lip balm
A cute little box has the peachiest smell you will expect, quiet moisturising.. No color though.
Goodness of amazing oil combination in one like Shea butter, almond oil, kokum butter, Coco butter, peach kernel extract etc
Price Rs.225/-


2.) The peppermint pedicure noirishibg foot cream:
The cream looks white and is packed in a cute mason jar, I have been using it since couple of days.. And I am loving it completely. The texture might appear little thick but it gets absorbed perfectly on the skin and you will love the peppermint refreshing fragrance on your feet.
Packed with goodness of olive oil, sunflower oil,Aloe Vera, Shea butter, mint oil, alum ,camphor, ginger oil
Priced at Rs 450/-


3.) Garden Lavender Face ànd body invigorating scrub:  If you are a lavender fan trust me you gonna love this, an enriching bath experience and the fragrance of lavenders lingers around the bathroom and the body for a long time, the body feels very soft and moisturised.
It is packed with Aloe Vera, lavender flower, olive oil, wheat germ oil.

Priced at Rs. 450/_


But what I actually like about this brand is not just the products but the way they go about making the products.

SLS free
Paraben free
No chemicals
No animal testing

So natural in the true sense. Go ahead and try them out.


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