Thaligai Restaurant Review

Sunday calls for family time and we planned to have a quick dinner at this place call Thaligai in Mylapore,Chennai.
My father in-law had been insisting on visiting this place from quiet sometime and we finally visited it today.

It’s located in Mylapore, the restaurant is new and as it was raining today we were asked to wait inside. There wasn’t much waiting, thankfully.


There is a buffet system and and you can take whatever you want..actually waiters are there to serve you and for second serving they come to your table if you need anything more.


The food is quiet simple, vegetarian and no ginger-garlic. There were all tiffin items like iddiyapam,uttapam, kurma,sambar,variety rice and the best part was the curd rice. Curd rice was something I really enjoyed.


A nice family restaurant for a quick dinner, we ordered filter coffee at end and that was amazing but it’s not included in the buffet.
Try it if you are looking for vegetarian food.

Food 3.5/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Overall 4/5


The road looked good with rains, you can park on the  road.


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