“Mumma, I want french fries”,..yes that’s what my little one says when we go out to dine. Kids these days have developed the taste for junk and you cannot help it but give it to them. I don’t know if we are responsible for these habits that they have of eating junk from such an early age but what I know is that health and nutrition cannot be ignored for growing children, but how do we compensate for that nutrition that is lacking in the food they eat or the kind of food that they prefer to eat.

As a child I remember my mom giving us Horlicks as a regular drink and I was quiet a healthy child. These days if you see children are much thinner and lack in growth because of their eating habits, well forcing them to eat what we want them to eat might not be possible every time but giving them something that could take care of their health and diet could be a great idea. In a conversation with my mom couple of days ago she suggested me to start Horlicks for my son Adi and there was no looking back since then. Horlicks has been a important diet when we were children and its clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months. When children are healthy and have good immunity they are more confident at home and school, they can participate in games and also they perform better in schools. A bad health condition should never be a cause to stop them from performing well.

As mothers we often get stressed if we see other children of same age taller and healthier and we start stressing over it, or when our relatives start telling us that our baby is little short or not that healthy, or not very active. Even I had started getting concerned about Adi’s height and weight as it was constant for a very long time, its not easy to feed the kids too many veggies and they might not like to eat how we plan and then you need something that can take care of the nutrition that we are not able to give them. Children they are constantly engaged and have thousands of things running in their minds, they are constantly learning from everything that they see and hear and if supplied with good nutrition they won’t only be healthy physically but they will perform very well in academics too. Its about their overall growth that we need to give them the right diet.


So, don’t strees over your child’s growth its not late you can still catch up on the growth.  “Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. children of this age are very active both mentally and physically and we cannot ignore their mind and body requirements with the general food that we give, they need something extra that can take care of the loss in their diet and will help them grow in a healthy way. Who minds a healthy drink that is tasty too as Horlicks Growth A+ is available in vanilla and choclate flavours.

Check if your child meets the growth milestone here: click the link below for more



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