Palak soup recipe

Hi guys..sorry for such a gap between the brother is here ..and I am busy!!! OK my bother came and is down with fever from last couple of days and he asked me to make some soup and the only thing I could think of is spinach goes an easy recipe ..

Palak/spinach 2 bunches
Onions 1
Jeera/cumin powder 2 tbsp
Garlic handful
Cream/cheese/cottage cheese

I blanched the spinach (just remove the stems, clean the spinach and keep it in a kadhai/pan, till it leaves water)
Now in a pan add chopped onions,garlic some cumin powder spinach and let them cook for sometime and take it out let it cool
Next grind it smooth..put in the kadhai again with butter ..let it simmer add roasted panner/cottage cheese (if you have in home) or cheese or cream and serve..
It’s yummy and healthy



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