Aye dost!! tujhe salaam

Today while I was waiting in the car, I saw three friends sitting on the road all drunk and after sometime they wanted to cross the road, one among them wanted to cross the road and other two (may be less drunk ) was holding his hand tight, waiting for the cars to stop so that they could cross the road safely. they all were pretty much wasted but the other two were still in their senses and what took my attention was that they were taking care of their friend even in that condition.

In life we all have gone through such situations and probably one or two of our friends were in a better condition to take our care, we have forgotten many such instances where our friends have pitched in to help us, not caring about themselves or anyone else in the world. our parents were not there, our siblings were not there but friends were there. sneaking from the house or giving you shelter when your house was locked, sometimes in hostel when we ran out of our money that friend was there to help his/her meal Whereas I am concerned I have been very lucky, I have had friends who have handled me in my worst and there are many memories like that. They have heard me cry and complain, they have woken me up and fed me dinner in those internship days when I would return to the room so tired with hardly any energy to cook . thank you Antra and Unnati. Antra I am sure you remember when we got wasted and sat on the stairs laughing like maniacs.Broken affair, crying like an idiot every night and hearing my stories every time I would tell them like you never heard and hearing for the first time, standing with the glucose bottle outside the interview room like my mom (well my mom never did this) thank you Kanchan. My childhood friends who have forgiven me for not wishing them on birthdays but they never forget to wish me ..thanks to you all guys but that doesn’t mean I am gonna remember your birthdays ok??. Preity gupta you have seen my worst ..remember? and you managed to handle me, how can I ever forget that day, can a person be more wasted than that. I am only thanking girls and not boys because all those boys who ever helped me in difficult times all of them changed the meaning of friendship and I have pretty much lost them all, but there have been people who helped me find a house when I was roaming to find a house with my luggage and brought dinner to my hostel. thank you guys

well..its not friendship day today but ..one day to celebrate friends in my life is not fair. friends have always been my pillars, I can never forget what each of you have done for me and those days were amazing, I miss those days like hell. we are all lucky to have such friends in life, they can never be replaced, but those memories can be cherished and lived in memories again and again. I may have not mentioned some names here, but trust me I have not forgotten any of you.

Aye dost tujhe salaam!!


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