Review: Mahogany scented candle from Ekam

Rains are here, though in Chennai we don’t receive heavy showers but yes..every evening or night last few days its been raining. Living away from the city, we have the advantage of receiving more rains and I am clubbing my experience with Mahogany candles from Ekam.
Ekam makes these beautiful handmade candles to give such a luxurious experience of fragrance. I am in love with the little bottle with the cute lampshade, I generally light it when it rains and sit with a book for an enriching experience.


About the candle:
It took me two to three days to actually get the fragrance but I love that it’s not heavily perfumed.
It’s  a chocolate color candle and these candles are very different from the local ones available and I will suggest anyone planning to buy a luxury candle to have a look at Ekam’s collection. There are plenty of options and fragrances to choose from and also they have candles, diffusers to set the home into a blissful atmosphere.


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