Dreams that keeps me going..

Day dreaming, night dreaming all the time dreaming ..yea that’s pretty much me..something  that I never give up on; is my dreams, my dream to travel, my dream to experience various cultures and Cuisines.
I want to sit in Hong Kong and have a good chienese breakfast like Dimsums, noodles and some locals stuffs. I would like to go to Sweden and experience the Christmas there ..with snow and jingles everywhere.


I want to go to New York and experience a hard Saturday night party and would like to grab a coffee wearing a long coat and walk on the bustling Street of Manhattan the next day.


I want to see the spring of Orlando and have a small house with a pool and a backyard with a dog. I would like to stay few days in Bora Bora islands and experience the serenity of that life. I want to experience the country side living of UK, sitting there by the fire knitting, quilt making,sewing and getting local produce from the farm.


I want to enjoy the culture of kerela, the local life, fishing eating the red rice and freshly cooked fish. Sit watching the backwaters


I want to go shopping in Paris and do unlimited shopping of makeup and clothing of various various brands


I want to see Durga Pooja celebration in bengal and stay with a traditional family to experience every bit of the celebration.


I would like to visit Spain just to enjoy the desserts and Switzerland to eat the chocolates..


Yes..that’s what I dream about ..I want to experience life..I want to go far and wide, see every nook and corner of the world before I die.There is so much to experience in life and there is so much to know shall we just sit and wait or break free from the mundane to see new things,experience life beyond. Trust we learn more when we meet new people or when we experience different cultures. I have traveled from childhood for my studies and it always makes me proud to know little bit of different culture and cuisine, it not only makes me more social and helps me people with different people easily but also makes me adaptable to different cultures.

I wish I  get a job like that where I could just travel and explore between countries make lots of friends, know basic living style of different cultures, get a chance to experience the world and give justice to my dreams and passions. The world has so much to offer and I want to grab a little bit of everything, everything. :):)

I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra #DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!


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