Why Marin won the finals

Did you happen to see the badminton final, well I was under too much pressure couldn’t stand in front of the screen continuously for even 10 minutes, imagine the pressure on PV Sindhu. Though the 21 yr. Old Sindhu fought like a tigress All we can say is, it was Marina’s day.
The first set win by Sindhu gave us lot of hopes but the second half was too fast to understand. Marin was like playing at a lightening speed don’t you think? My god how fast she was.
I was just noticing her style
Looked so confident
Hair tied up so neatly and clean
Whenever she would give point, she would smile now and then.
At winning every point she would scream and make it clear.
Looked angry or irritated now and then for not being allowed to change the shuttle.
But her body language had confidence booming out, very powerful and strong
After winning she lay flat on the badminton court, throwing the racket ,crying and PV Sindhu came to pick her up and picked her racket too.
Well it’s how the star are aligned that day and that is what happens. Patience perseverance, everything pays.
Also what matters is how badly you want it.


I had definitely loved the PV Sindhu and Okuhara’s game in the semi finals though. The spark she had was amazing, she played extra ordinary game that day. Okuhara literally gave up in the second set. What a game it was, I definitely missed that spark in the final but anyways loved the game and Sindhu is already inspiring many girls to take up badminton from the nukkad to the training centres.


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