Only Moments count!!

Saw again my favorite movie serendipity. Oh! I love everything about the movie from the first scene to the last. The Christmas atmosphere when the scene starts, the ice-skating, such a romantic movie, I fall in love with the movie every time I see it. The snow, the ice-cream, the Christmas environment worked perfectly.


Life is all about moments, those fraction of seconds where you have lived your whole life. You may or may not be with the same person, or even if you are with the same person that moment might not get repeated. Thats how life is, in those moments, otherwise every other day is just ordinary. The funny thing is we often think about those moments in life, it makes us smile, it makes us sad but they never fade. We all have some moments and life is all about them.


Destiny is what we are doing now, somehow we all land up to what is planned for us and not what we plan for ourselves. Destiny rules in the end always.
Serendipity which means a fortune accident is a beautiful word. Sometimes we all wait for that one moment to happen our entire lives, sometimes it happens in between and there are times when it happens before and you spend your rest of your life thinking about it.

Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences
but rather its a tapestry of events
That culminate in an exquisite sublime plan


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