School wala dilemma

Babies to toddler..toddler to preschoolers!!

You were so teeny tiny in my hand
And look at you now..
All set to join school ..
Wow..I cant imagine how these have passed so soon..
It was yesterday I was stitching diapers and now I am thinking of school bags and shoes..

I think all children should go to kindergarten, but taking decision at times becomes so difficult to go for the big school or opt for a kindergarten. It was confusing for me too as I knew I would have to start for collecting forms again for LKG in couple of months but then I thought why not put Adi in a kindergarten till he adjusts and learns to go to school. Also considering that kindergarten is nearby and I wouldn’t prefer him travelling for school now.
But it’s important that we fix our mind and decide, we have taken our decision and Adi will be starting kindergarten this week.

So is about to change, a fixed routine, packing snacks for him, making his school bag ready, reading his diary, pressing his school dress and cleaning his shoes. Woow I feel like a parent now or I should say I am about to feel like a parent. I am panicking from inside but let’s kick off this journey.
So parents take your pick and make sure you make a choice which makes both you and your kid happy.


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