Ekla chalo re

“Jadi koi sune tumar na aaye
Tumi ekla chalo re ”

Have you learnt to walk alone ?? Or you still cancel something when someone is not around? Do you give up on plans because you wanted somebody to pick you or drop you from someplace. Well, don’t be dependent, in your good phase or bad phase, learn to handle your things yourself. Because though in good times it seems fairly easy to be dependent, the same thing in bad times can be worst. Wherever you stay find all the local transport available, the buses or local trains, everything. Keep apps of cabs and transport handy. Always ask and find where to hail the auto/taxi from.
Dependency is the worst thing, sometimes for small things we depend on husband’s and brothers or father. To pick us or drop us and many times when they are not available it kind of becomes frustrating and we are too lazy to try other options because we have become slaves to AC car and the luxury.
In India sometimes travelling alone can we a pain, but well you have to learn.
Few things that can be kept in mind when choosing a place like, make sure bus service and train service is nearby.
Yesterday while talking to a neighbour, she told me how driving helped her regain her freedom, she took a car in loan and that really helped her doing her things on her own. She said now picking veggies, or laundry, picking/dropping kids was so easy. She said that driving had really relieved her from facing many issues she had been facing in the past, she was locked up in the house but now she knows that she need not ask somebody to run errands, it’s just so easy.
So friends learn to walk alone, good times or worst.


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