Rhymes which educate Pre-Schoolers.

Children learn a lot when they get to watch and hear at the same time. A child starts to appreciate music even when he is just few months old, they start shaking their head and tapping their hands and feet to the music around. As soon as they start growing we mommies start giving them lots of visual and auditory stimulus which gives them more exposure to the sound they hear or things they see in their surroundings. As the technology has provided us with lots of medium through which we have easy access to the content that we can show to our kids, it’s very important that we choose something that is appropriate to our kids. We start singing nursery rhymes to our kids from their early age, as nursery rhymes exposes them to lot of new words and the rhyming sentences gives sing-a-song effect which is very easy for children to understand. If the child gets to see nursery rhymes in form of videos, they are able to relate more and enact the actions too. Chu Chu Tv is one such channel for kids which has been among our favorites, the collection of Nursery Rhymes for Pre-Schoolers is huge and graphically very captivating.

Talk of anything and they have it on their site, from the animal songs to colors, shapes, days of the week song, the traditional nursery rhymes like Johnny Johnny, Ringa Ringa roses, Rain Rain go away etc. are modified with amazing visuals and sound effects. I believe it’s a great learning platform for kids, where in children are visualizing different shapes and so many colors and also the English used is very easy to comprehend. The videos are very fresh and manages to hold the attention of kids. Our favorites are Old McDonalds had a farm, Five little ducks, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Color song are so much fun to watch and also helps to learn the colors easily with the video. The number songs have my son’s all time favorites and he has learnt a lot from watching the videos and this made my work a lot easier as he would easily recognize the numbers and not only that, the songs are so catchy that my son loves to sing them and manages to remember the numbers effortlessly. Phonics is the new way of teaching A,B,C to our children which is preferred popularly by most of the Montessori schools and our learning to phonics was hugely from the Phonics song from ChuChu TV. The audio of Chu Chu Tv is very pleasant and the pronunciation of the words are very easy to understand. I love how they have modified and developed many series of the original versions to suit the needs of the current children and they give very positive messages to the children.

I definitely recommend Chu Chu Tv, http://chuchutv.com/to all the preschoolers, it’s a fun way of learning that’s what I would like to mention it specially. I am giving the link to their Phonics songs here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq3yfQnllfQ,


Visit You tube channel and open the Pandora box which is sure to educate your child in a positive way.  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChuChuTV/




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