The miracle hand washing technique Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks

When Adi (my son) joined school, my first concern was not waking up at early hours and cooking, it was not getting him ready and catching the bus but what worried me more was would he wash his hands before eating in the school. Though in many schools now they take care of meals and other things but washing hands before eating is something not seriously taken, the point here is not just washing hands but the way they wash hands also plays a major role in staying healthy.

I have always thought of various things but nothing has worked so far when it comes to cleaning their hands before eating. I was always scared to give him a sanitizer, I was not sure how will he use it, how to use wet wipes is something very difficult to explain and not only that they are extremely costly, we cannot afford it all the time. Is there Something that can be easily affordable, easily available and that can make sure that every kid will wash their hands perfectly, can there be something like that can it?. Yes there is an answer now to all these concerns finally!!! And that’s Savlon’s Chalk sticks… You might be wondering what chalk sticks? How can chalk sticks help right? I will tell you how it will help… so these chalk sticks from Savlon can be used by kids for writing on the slates and black board and these chalk sticks will be infused with soap cleansers. This is a great idea to inculcate the habit of washing hands in children in primary schools, children hands are always full of chalk dust as they write with chalks and also erase with slate with hands so these chalk dust in their hands can we washed before eating and they will have soap component in them thus all the kids will wash their hands properly before taking their meals.

Image result for swasth india savlonImage result for swasth india savlon

This is an idea under #SavlonSwasthIndia mission and these chalks are called the Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks, this was launched on the children’s day 2016. It’s a very interesting innovation to bring the behavioral change in children which emphasizes the importance of clean hands and a small step towards bringing a big change in the society, I would say. An activity that is interesting and tell the importance of performing it practically is always very easy to teach, Savlon healthy hands chalk sticks lathers as soon as placed under the water, makes the process fun for children and very easy to adapt. This initiative is the first of its kinds and one of the many steps taken by The #SavlonSwasthIndia to bring a positive change.


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