Buying books for your tiny tots

Hi guys..a post after a long break. Today we went to the Chennai Book Fair and I couldn’t resist to share my excitement with you all. I have been reading to Adi since a long time now, yes, on and off but he has shown considerable interest in books in the last couple of months and I have started buying well illustrated books seeing his interest. It’s fun to see how kids flip pages and look at the picture trying to interpret the stories.
The book fare was amazing with superb collection of books but you might get confused as in where to go, so choose stalls where you will find all kinds of publishers under one roof.
Other things I wanted to share that you could keep in mind as you choose books for kids with my experience I have realizes certain thinvs

– Always check what level books are you taking so that you can choose the right book for your child’s age.

-Pick well illustrated books with minimum writing for early readers.

– Make sure you check with your kids if they like that book, read a bit for them while choosing or see their expressions as you read.

– Choose books that child can well relate to, like the sun, moon, rains or certain animals whatever interests your child most.

-Dont choose things that you might find very difficult to explain at their age or level, that’s why I said choose books that can easily relate to not very different from our culture or our daily life.

-Dont stick to a particular Author or publisher, try different ones.

– Also what your friends child likes might not interest your child so take your own pick but get inspired from others and check others collection too for ideas.

– Always read to your kid and have a reading space dedicated to them.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you, let me know your suggestions too.

Love craftholicmumma..


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